2014 was a wonderful year for HRE, Inc. The market in Northern Michigan began in earnest, and continued to strengthen.  While we didn’t see many values rise, due to the large inventory available, we did experience the volume of sales increase significantly, a phenomenon that we hadn’t witnessed in quite some time.  We watched homes going under contract within a week of listing, homes sell for full price, and sales of homes over $400,000!  Due to this robust market, we watched the rather large inventory of homes begin to dwindle.  HRE, Inc. is so proud that we were such a strong part of it all.  Of the total sold listings in our market (Lewiston Real Estate companies) as the listing office, we commanded a 41% market share while our closest competitor brought in around 23%.  We don’t want to brag but…that’s amazing.    Waterfront home sales were definitely the driving force behind the trend. Of the 46 waterfront homes sold in 2014, 52% of them were listed by Huston Real Estate (our nearest competitor came in at 22%)…and our experienced agents sold 45% (again, our closest competitor sold 24%!)  Now, 2014 has come to a close.  It has quieted down a bit, as it always does once the snow flies. It won’t be quiet for long though!  We fully expect new listings to flood our brochure within the next few months and homes to start finding their new families as well. We are certain that 2015 promises to be as strong, if not stronger, than last year….and we are very much looking forward to the challenge.* *Water Wonderland MLS Reporting, Jan 1, 2014 - Jan. 1, 2015. Lewiston Real Estate offices, total sales and waterfront sold listings.