Jessie Marlatt - Communications Coordinator


Huston Real Estate

4586 Salling Ave., Lewiston, MI 49756

Jessie is the Communications Coordinator at Huston Real Estate located in Lewiston, MI. Jessie was born in Alpena, MI, however she was raised in the small town of Atlanta, MI. Jessie attended Johannesburg-Lewiston Area Schools, where she graduated in 2020. After graduation, she attended Kirtland Community College to earn a degree in Cosmetology, where she also worked part-time at A Wind-Sands Motel. In the Spring of 2021, she started working at MOA Landfill, to assist in the office and keep up with building work. At the end of the summer, she then moved over to Lewiston to live with her boyfriend, while still attending Kirtland, to commute back and forth from school. In February of 2022, Jessie walked into Huston Real Estate with an interest in the real estate business. Jessie was then offered a position with Huston Real Estate, where she plans to grow and expand her knowledge of real estate, while helping and supporting her team.