Without a doubt you should do that. Of course, there may be exceptions that would negate the use of a home inspection. But I think, even if it was new construction, having an inspection makes sense. There are just too many moving parts in a home that can go bad. Electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling; they all have numerous working parts to it and a good home inspector can help you do a very through investigation of the home. These guys will be there for hours, checking every plug, every socket, the heating, any toxic gas, etc.. 


If you ask me, there is no way that it’s not a good idea. You’re spending a tremendous amount of money, on the largest asset you’ll ever own. Why not start out knowing everything about the home?

The next question this brings up “What inspector do you recommend?”
 I don’t recommend going with the cheapest, it doesn’t mean it has to be the most expensive. But again, by using Huston Real Estate, we can recommend inspectors that our clients have worked with in the past and have felt that the inspection has added value to the sale for them.